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Irvin scott

Thanks for sharing. For the most part, I agree with this. However, the bigger question is what do we do about it. How do we shift market forces in a way that recognizes, celebrates, compensate our best educators, starting with teachers? I thik the teacher effectiveness movement that is happening nationally provides an opportunity to move in this direction. Follow me on twitter: Iscott4

Don Brown, D.Ed.

Greetings from Eugene Oregon!

When an excellent teacher gets more assigned to them (and you are right, they do!) it simply makes the teacher less effective and more like the rest of the staff. Teachers are led to believe these "honor duties" are a vote of confidence from the principal, but in reality they are just taking on more responsibility. Granted, this is the pathway to becoming an administrator in some districts, but it ultimately takes time and energy away from instruction.

I always greet new programs and grant opportunities with a few questions:

1. Will this increase student learning or engagement -- as evidenced by some research?

2. Will the practice or project be sustainable over time?

3. What benefit will I get if I agree to this?

Too many times I have been the one that takes up the challenge, only to see the rest of the staff remaining as before. And this is not due to my lack of effort or the administrator's good intent: things that are not implemented systematically for the long term cannot last.

Choose wisely! Think of the long term...use research data.

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